5 Minutes Daily = Work Life Reinvention

“It really does make a difference. My staff is talking to me again.”
— an office manager in a Hawaii medical clinic

The Daily Five Minutes is coming up a lot in my conversations with people lately, and I couldn’t be happier. People are trying it and they are loving it. They are discovering how quickly it works its magic.

If you take away nothing else from Managing with Aloha, begin to use The Daily Five Minutes. It is without doubt the best management tool I can offer you.

Dave is trying it, Adrian is trying it, and Nigel is trying it: join us and let the Daily Five Minutes work for you too.

The Daily Five Minutes will reinvent and uplift the connection you have with your employees; so much so that your relationships with them will never be the same again — they will be far better.

If your existing relationship with your staff drains you, it will start to energize you.
— If it is virtually nonexistent, it will be newly created.
— If it is contentious, it will become collaborative.
— If it is unsatisfying, it will become fulfilling.

Just 5 minutes every day with a different employee. Just 5 minutes every day without fail.

You can find the time, and you can do it.

You can’t afford not to.

Give yourself a couple of weeks to sort out the kinks. There will be pent-up stuff that starts to tumble out; It may take you more than that 5 minutes to deal with what’s built up inside. However one golden day, it will be Ka lā hiki ola, the dawning of a new day, and the sun will break out.

After that, you will add a second five minutes a day, then a third, of your own volition: I guarantee it will happen. You will add it because you love it, and because you know it is the proverbial 20 that gets you the 80. Not only will The Daily 5 Minutes reinvent the relationship you have with your staff, it will reinvent your business and your working life.

If you are a manager, I am certain you presently are not spending enough good-quality time with your employees. They want it, they miss it, they crave it, they need it. They need you. Start by giving them just 5 minutes a day, and start today.

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    5 Minutes to Great Management

    Check out Rosa Say’s post called, 5 Minutes Daily = Work Life Reinvention. Rosa suggests spending 5 minutes per day really connecting with one employee. In a week, you will have connected with 5 employees, and so on. (Note: This