1. says

    Aloha Rosa,
    I feel as members of the Ho’ohana community we are witness to a special moment.
    As has happened, you have lived
    As you have lived, you have written
    As you have written, you have taught
    As you have taught, you have inspired
    As you have inspired, you build
    As you build, you ho’ohuli to kakou
    You have lived a story Rosa. You have written and now are talking this story. This story inspires others to join you, and now yours is theirs is ours – one story.
    As a kumu a’o of the art of management, you are the essence of Mea Ho’okipa. And now, with SLC’s new associates, your alaka’i ka ‘ike, you have the ability to touch even more.
    This step that SLC takes is indeed the Ka la hiki ola, the dawning of a new day. And we are most privileged to witness it!

  2. says

    Aloha Dave,
    Mahalo nui for sharing your mana‘o: it’s wonderful, and you give Dina, Luana, Mitz, and Ray a generous compliment in dubbing them alaka‘i ka ‘ike (guides of learning); it is a name I am certain they will live up to.
    However Dave you must know that you, and all who read Talking Story, are an important part of this. In commenting on our new journey you are helping us both demonstrate and understand ourselves how our open sharing of this process can affect the community we are citizens of.
    The Hawaiian culture has taught us that without ‘ohana there is no community, and without community the ‘ohana does not grow fully, to the potential its family members may achieve. I believe it is a good lesson, one which we must continually learn from. The blogging platform helps us learn about the new global reach a community can impact, and to see you incorporate the language of managing with aloha so easily and naturally into your writing reveals how connected we truly are. Our values are indeed universal ones.
    I am excited knowing that our cultural exchange is also meant to flow both ways, for we ourselves have much to learn. I am exceptionally grateful to you for your willingness to be both teacher and student.
    So mahalo nui loa Dave, for being part of our community. You too are alaka‘i ka ‘ike!

  3. Mitz says

    Aloha Dave… from one of the new members of the SLC Ohana (and a fan of yours and Rosemary). You can imagine the excitement, as we get ready to embark on our journey! I‘d like to echo Rosa in saying Mahalo nui for your compliment. We will definitely work toward that honor.

  4. Ray says

    Thanks for the encouragement, not that I needed any knowing that my association with Rosa and the rest of the ‘ohana is going to be a golden journey. I await the transformation that I know will occur when all of these forces move toward making the world a better place.

  5. Dina says

    Aloha Dave,
    It is truly an honor to be a part of the SLC Ohana. I have always believed in Rosa and all that she stands for. Together as we unite under the hands of our mentor & leader, you will witness with us, an exciting new adventure. It is a pleasure to have you along for the ride.