The Cooperative Business Model

If you have not yet discovered it, I highly recommend Kevin’s Blog, written by Kevin Eikenberry. Kevin writes (and speaks) about life-long learning, developing human potential, teams and teamwork, creativity and leadership.

Currently Kevin has two posts on his main page which caught my eye. One is called Leading with Optimism (now how could a post title like that not draw you in?) and another is called Belief in a Business Model, where Kevin gives us a great pointer to the seven guiding principles of the Cooperative Business Model.

I’d never seen this business model before, for I personally have not had any experience with Co-ops. However there was a lot that appealed to me about those guiding principles, for they seemed so harmonious with the concept of an ‘Ohana in Business: Everyone is treated as a business partner, and full involvement and engagement is expected for the best interest of the whole. They sound like values, and I’d imagine they work like values too, in that they guide expected behavior. Click in to Kevin’s and check it out.

If you could state the “guiding principles” of your business model, what would they be? If I asked your staff, could they tell me?

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