So far, I subscribed to 3 new blogs this morning

”thanks to today’s Carnival of the Capitalists. Anita is hosting the Carnival this week at her RFID Weblog, and there’s some great reading there. Blogs have gotten to be much more interesting than newspapers; a single morning stop at Google News does it for me most days: it’s become my really simple RSS for newspapers.)

My only complaint about the Carnival is that since it’s posted on Monday it’s a huge distraction for me in the beginning of the week: I’ll give myself an hour for it, and 90 minutes later I’m still reading.

So something new here on my own Talking Story home page to help us both with remembering to check in with the Carnival of the Capitalists, and perhaps “park it” for more reading later in the week: If you look to the right under the Ho‘ohana Online Community listing you’ll see I added a new link there for the Carnival — I’ll update it every Monday from here on in. Just a small reinvention. I figure you can handle Google News on your own :-)

It might seem like I’m adding more for you to keep up with, but the way I see it, since people submit their own articles to the Carnival you’re getting
a) what they feel is the best they’ve written lately or important stuff amid all the blog-clutter that can be out there: why would they submit a junky article?
b) or something they got tons of comments and trackbacks on, surprising them, and with the bonus of a hidden link-fest for the rest of us too.

If the Carnival of the Capitalists is new to you, this was my first post on it (which actually ended up being a discussion about relevance).

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