Lōkahi: Our Talking Story Visible Reinvention continues!

What a great week!

I had saved the page views of our HOC (Ho‘ohana Online Community) reinvention essays in my laptop, and on my plane ride home late Saturday I read them all over one more time. A couple of thoughts came to mind for me ”

This is just too good to let slip into the archives. Familiar feeling ” I felt this way when the February book reviews were done too.

Even more incredible, these essays are from only a small fraction of the great business minds we have in our Ho‘ohana Community. Just imagine what else is possible!

The month’s not over, what other visible reinvention can happen on Talking Story, and for Managing with Aloha?

Yikes! My battery is running low — find some paper!

For in reading those essays, I was coming up with more business ideas for Say Leadership Coaching, both online and offline, and in virtually every facet of my business. Blinders were coming off, paradigms were shifting, I could see some automatic pilot of my own that escaped my awareness up to that point, and I was getting very excited.

As a result, my To Do List is very long this week, and you know what? I wouldn’t have it any other way.

So today, another small visible reinvention for you, but one I am so pleased with, pleased beyond words. For it represents the evolution of our community. It represents how we are going to take the lead in the reinvention of business communities, and in our spirit of aloha post it on the Talking Story home page for others to see, and hopefully get inspired themselves.

In the right column is a new reference listing: it’s called Lōkahi: featuring our Ho‘ohana Community. Check it out.

Why Lōkahi? As I’ve written in Managing with Aloha:

People who work together can achieve more. Lōkahi is the Hawaiian value of collaboration, cooperation, harmony and unity.

Therefore Lōkahi rings these values to teamwork, defining how those who work within an ‘Ohana in Business [and in a Ho ‘ohana Business Community] can be most effective in their collaborative efforts.

Lōkahi gives us a demeanor to strive for in working with our peers in the best possible way. We want their help: many hands (Laulima) make the work more pleasant (‘olu‘olu) and they move it along faster. With Lōkahi, we can achieve more by working together in harmony with others.

Lōkahi is the value of teamwork in pursuit of synergy.

I must again say mahalo nui loa to Lisa, Yvonne, Anita, Chris, Todd and Wayne for this past week’s forum. My HOC ‘Ohana, you inspire me!

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