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Welcome to our week of Reinvention for Business—Day 3! The Ho‘ohana Online Community has graciously agreed to some hale-sitting in Talking Story this week for me, and they are sharing their thoughts with you on our March Ho‘ohana, a challenge for us all to reinvent ourselves in business.

Today’s Guest Author is Anita Campbell of Small Business Trends. Anita is a businesswoman I have a high degree of admiration for: I strongly encourage you to pick up a RSS feed for Small Business Trends to keep you in sync with the pulse of the business market today, for there isn’t much that escapes Anita’s sharp eye. She provides us all with an incredible service. This is a page you’ll want to spend time on: Trend Tracker.

Today, Anita writes about what may be the most important trend this year. If you are behind on this, let today be your time to get caught up.

Reinvent your online strategy: 3 Ways to Start

I would like to see each small business reinvent their online strategy by using RSS to market the business.

Now, if you are like most other people (including me until recently), your understanding of RSS is limited. You’re probably thinking it’s limited to reading blog posts in a feedreader.

But there’s another, more exciting, side to RSS. That’s the content publishing side. If you are a company with a website you can publish an RSS feed as another new channel to get your marketing messages out.

More and more people, including journalists and other business people, are using RSS feedreaders to stay up to date on business news.

What’s more, some of the feedreader services, such as Feedster, have built-in search engines that make it possible to search by keyword. These search engines are yet another place online to get visibility.

Businesses will need to reinvent the way they deliver content online to take advantage of this new channel. Small businesses in particular stand to benefit. Most can’t afford expensive publicists or hefty wire service fees.

How do you take advantage of this new channel?

(1) Create a web page. It doesn’t need to be a blog, although blogs make it easy because they create RSS feeds automatically. Your page can contain your press releases; schedule of events; or even a page where you post your email newsletter.

(2) Create an RSS feed for the page. This is easy with some of the new tools out there, such as Nooked, Feed For All and RapidFeeds.

(3) Submit your feed to RSS feed aggregators. Go here for the best and most comprehensive list of RSS feed aggregators.

Getting started with RSS will require a little investment of learning time, but most of what you need is free or very low cost. Reinvent your online strategy!

—Anita Campbell

Mahalo nui Anita!

Anita has written two other articles about this on Small Business Trends recently. Click in and continue reading: 1) RSS and Marketing. 2) Is 2005 the Year of RSS?

Do you have questions for Anita? Would you like to add your voice to hers? The comment lines are open, and ready for your thoughts.
— Rosa

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    I had the great pleasure to meet Anita in person yesterday for breakfast. You recognize in blogsville people who try and help others. I could feel this at Small Business Trends. But after meeting Anita in person it was a done deal. Signed, sealed, stamped and delivered, Anita is a person who genuinely enjoys helping others.
    So I jot down a few questions to ask Anita. One was about RSS. The conversation ebbed and flowed into all sorts of neat directions. (If you have a chance, check out: This is a website about a book written by John Wyckoff and edited by Anita. I can hardly wait to get to know John better!! He seems like a fascinating gentleman. Anyhow, just before it was time to leave I did bring up RSS, but we just didn’t have time to discuss it. Then Anita hands me a sharp package of some of her collateral stuff and inside is an article that she had written on RSS. Today I see her Reinvention topic is RSS.
    Now, I’m not the sharpest knife in the drawer, but even I can see the writing on the wall. It’s time to learn about RSS. How about you?

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    Ohhh by the way, fellow Ho’ohana community member Yvonne Divita’s company Windsor Media Enterprises, published John Wyckoff’s book MYOB-2. Man did Yvonne’s company do a great job! I wonder if Jane helped?

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    Wow, Dave! Very cool you met in person.
    Anita, great post! You are exactly right about RSS. It amazes me that with companies like Yahoo making it so easy to get RSS feeds (+My Yahoo buttons) to viewers, the rules are really being rewritten for information.
    I know a lot of newspapers are already publishing info in RSS (Dallas Morning News recently added this down in my neck of the woods). If any industry would be “afraid” of this type of technology, you would think it would be the black and white paper printers!

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    I have such admiration and respect for Anita. Not only is she one of the hardest working women online, she’s also one of the smartest. I need to read up on how to use RSS more effectively. Dave…thanks for the kind words on WME and publishing John’s book, which Anita edited. Teamwork…that’s what it’s all about. Rosa would say we have good Kakou.

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    I’ve known Anita Campbell for over a decade and have grown to appreciate her unique abilities. For that reason I asked her to edit my book. She did a wonderous job.
    I’m asking her to co-author another with me so we can combine our experience in a book designed to help retailers, not just in the powersports industry (MYOB-2 was written to help motorcycle, ATV and personal watercraft dealers exclusively)

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