An April meme preview.

Mahalo nui to those of you who responded to my open letter to bloggers.

I huddled with a few people in our Ho‘ohana Community over the course of the day and came up with a thought for our ‘Apelila Ho‘ohana — an idea whereby more bloggers can participate in our Ho‘ohana „¢ for the month of April if they choose to.

Here’s a preview for you on the Ho‘ohana „¢ prepared for April:
It will be called Bottom-Line Aloha, the Art of the Sale

Check back with Talking Story on April 1st, and you’ll read more about it. Selling is something all of us in business simply need to make happen, and we can all get better at it. Bloggers get a lot of practice at selling themselves, and if you are a blogger I believe you have a lot to teach and share.

I’ve set up some watchlists, and for the entire month of April, I’ll be looking for posts that bloggers have written about selling, making the sale, and business sales in general (as opposed to marketing, unless you’d like to talk about sales versus marketing, that’d be cool).

Share a story of aloha where someone sold something to you, and it was great transaction. You can think of it as a month-long meme on the Art of the Sale.

The Talking Story Art of the Sale Meme

1. In April, write about Selling with Aloha and the Art of the Sale.

2. Send a trackback to this post so the Ho‘ohana Community and I can find you, or email me your link.

3. If I like what you’ve written, you can be sure that more links will show up for you here on Talking Story as a recommendation to the rest of the Ho‘ohana Community. And who knows, they may come to play with you in your comment conversations.

First and foremost, we have always been a learning community. Let’s talk story.

Mahalo nui for your aloha, and I look forward to reading your posts!

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  1. says

    Ooh I always look forward to the beginning of a new month at Talking story – so many exciting possibilties to look forward to. (I can’t believe March went by so fast.)
    It looks like the online community is about to get alot bigger. :)