A Coach’s Review of Managing with Aloha

“Our organizations can be places where greater human values coexist with business goals.
That just might be the next competitive advantage.”
—Christopher Bailey

I have pointed you toward The Alchemy of Soulful Work before (here, then here and here just for starters), for I have great admiration for the heart and mind of leadership coach Christopher Bailey, and he communicates his Ho‘ohana so eloquently in his writing.

Recently Chris also did a great book review for our February Ho‘ohana on Books, and he adds to my wishlist each time he does another book recommendation on his own blog. So I was so thrilled and honored to read the review he did for MWA on Amazon.com today.

Thank you so very much Chris, you honor Managing with Aloha with your mana‘o, so generously given.


  1. says

    Rosa, this is just a small way of giving back. Your book is honestly one of the best expressions of leading and managing with values that is out there right now. As I contemplate my own journey back to organizational management, it will be one of those books that provides the foundation for my daily practice. I can’t wait to read the follow-up.