Where is the power in this blogging thing? In public service.

Good article in the Wall Street Journal today by Peggy Noonan:

The Blogs Must Be Crazy
Or maybe the MSM is just suffering from freedom envy.

An excerpt:

The blogosphere isn’t some mindless eruption of wild opinion. That isn’t their power. This is their power:

1. They use the tools of journalists (computer, keyboard, a spirit of inquiry, a willingness to ask the question) and of the Internet (Google, LexisNexis) to look for and find facts that have been overlooked, ignored or hidden” This is a public service.

2. Bloggers, unlike reporters at elite newspapers and magazines, are independent operators. ” It’s a story if they say it is. This is a public service.

3. Bloggers have an institutional advantage in terms of technology and form. They can post immediately. ” This is a public service.

4. Bloggers are also selling the smartest take on a story. They’re selling an original insight, a new area of inquiry. ” This too is a public service.

5. And they’re doing it free.

She continues with numbers 6. and 7. to her reasoning, and ends with her predictions of how bloggers will potentially raise everyone’s game. Good reading. Full story here.

Mahalo to Matt Blumberg at Only Once for the pointer.