Weekend Learning Links on Business Values.

The Hawaiian values we associate with Managing with Aloha are indeed universally common to business, and recent articles on the blogosphere demonstrate this so well.

Settle in for these click fests with moleskine, paper and pencil or your del.icio.us bookmarklet, (see what I did with Bren’s tip, and with others?) and go knowledge hunting through the trackbacks and comments too: Exercise that brain!

From our Ho‘ohana Online Community:

– On the value of Kuleana, one’s personal sense of responsibility:
Scott Hodge talks story on accountability, and building it into the company culture: Accountability.

– On the value of Ho‘okipa, the hospitality of complete giving:
One of the most gracious Mea Ho‘okipa on the blogosphere has got to be Yvonne DiVita, and her Thursday interviews are not to be missed. Yvonne is the supreme connectress, and this week she introduces us to Denise Wakeman. I’ve got a new blog to read!

– On the value of Ho‘ohanohano, conducting yourself with distinction:
Rosemary Rothacker asks us all to consider our own behavior: What Makes a Good Employee?

– On the value of Ho‘omau, perseverance and persistence:
Bren Connelly continues to find and point us to such great resources, and this time he writes on Cognitive Bias. Take a look at both Bren’s post, and his pointer to the Artful Manager’s “More brain-blinders to watch for.” Why Ho‘omau? Ho‘omau is normally where discussions on decision making seem to crop up.

– On the value of Nana i ke kumu, look to the source, discover your truth:
Christopher Bailey writes on a favorite subject of mine, Intuition. It’s something we all have and unfortunately don’t trust in enough. Read The Career Change Blues (and other colors) Part Two: Trust your Intuition. Great advice, and Chris writes about it so very well.

– On the value of Kulia i ka nu‘u, achievement and personal excellence:
Terry Storch adds to his 52 Leadership Tips with some advice on improving with your Follow-Through. I love the way that Terry always gives it to us straight, and this time he covers motivation, ownership, vision … click in and see.

– On the value of Alaka‘i, leadership:
Lisa Haneberg adds to my 3 Sins of Management with two more sins – and some sweetness to balance it well: Sins and Sweetness.

– On the value of ‘Ike loa, learning and seeking new knowledge:
Todd Storch gave us a week-long feature on podcasting. Don’t be left in the dark, for this new communications breakthrough is worth paying attention to. Don’t think “iPod, don’t have one, so not for me” (I admit I once thought that too) think “personal broadcasting.”

If you are new to Talking Story, you can read more about the Ho‘ohana Online Community here. Have a great weekend, and mahalo for spending part of it with us.

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