The Wizaard’s love affair with books

What a wonderful Sunday I’m having reading, reading, and reading!

Earlier this month, someone said to me after seeing my Ho‘ohana, “A love affair with books – isn’t that a bit dramatic Rosa?” No, not at all. Not at all.

I just left this comment on Wiz Speak:

Such magnificent passion Dave! You are the reader that every author dreams of when they write – you, and all those in our world like you are the author’s inspiration, hope, and capsule of optimism in living an artistically-filled life. When one book is written, you are the person who will inspire an author to know there is more learning to do, and more to be written, because sharing these emotions of aloha lend such incredible richness to who we are meant to be.

Mahalo Dave, for your words of inspiration this Sunday. I feel blessed to have read them.

If you want to read what moved me so to write it, click here. Books are tribal-like villages, didn’t you know”

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