The Slacker Manager Reviews Managing with Aloha

There’s no greater compliment to get for writing a book, than to have it reviewed so thoroughly by someone you admire and respect for their own study, and ever-thoughtful consideration of the world you’ve written about.

Bren Connelly, the Slacker Manager, and someone Talking Story regulars know I hold in very high regard, posted a review of my book, Managing with Aloha today: what a great thing to wake up to on a Monday morning — or any morning for that matter.

Managing with Aloha Review by Bren.

When you write a book, you hope and pray that it will be received well and garner reviews like this one Bren did for me, yet as a blog author you almost hesitate to link back to it, not wanting to seem so full of yourself. However I have to risk the hint of immodesty, for I must say thank you to Bren for the time and care he so obviously took to write his review for me. Bren (and especially the Bren who we know has so much to say!) could have written about a host of other things, and for him to have chosen to review Managing with Aloha fills me with mahalo, a deeply felt sense of gratitude.

Mahalo nui loa Bren.

So ” since I’ve gone this far ” I shall allow my ha‘aheo* to show for a moment. I sincerely believe that the messages I’ve shared in Managing with Aloha are important ones for managers today: managers in business enterprise of all kinds have such potential to reinvent work and workplaces everywhere, and we must seize our responsibility — and opportunities — to do so. I do hope you will accept the invitations I give you here on Talking Story, and in Managing with Aloha, to join us, taking up the challenge.

What Bren, aka The Slacker Manager, and I have in common, is that we know the world of work has so much possibility. It can be enjoyable, infused with energy and vibrancy, meaningful and worthwhile, for you and everyone around you. Isn’t that something we all want?

KÄ“ia Manawa: today is the day, the time, the place.
And you can bring aloha to business today too.

Mahalo Bren, thank you for sharing your mana‘o** on Managing with Aloha with us today.

Bren’s Review.

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  *ha‘aheo is pride in one’s work or accomplishment.
**mana‘o is defined