Teacher’s helper: a story of Aloha

Have the good folks at Borders read our Ho‘ohana this month?
A Love Affair with Books.

Walked through the Kahala Mall today, and saw the huge posters of Borders Express new ad campaign for February:

“Books don’t mind
if you read other books;
That’s love.”

Very cool.

Then I saw this great story: Teachers’ wishes come true at Windward Borders shop. It’s a true story of aloha:

“When Borders Express assistant manager Lori Gomes learned that a teacher had to cancel a $1,000 book order because her funding had been redirected to other school budget priorities, Gomes decided she had to do something to help.” Read it here.

What are you doing with your once loved, but now idly shelved and forgotten books?

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    Ok Rosa, I was going to save this for a post at Wiz Speak, but you doggone drew it out of me.
    To start, my books forever will have a place in my heart. I have journalized too much in them to let them leave the family and, just in case the family would ever consider to let them wander from my book cases after I check into that great library in the sky, I have a surprise for them…
    I have randomly left personal messages for my girls in my books. I have also left notes, cards, school and other stuff that they have given me over the years hidden away in the pages. And to appeal to their fierce sense of entrepreneurship – I have left dollar bills in some books as well. (I haven’t told them as of yet)
    My books are family and I’m thinking my family will hang on to my books.