On the BestSeller List: February’s Talking Story.

February certainly has felt like the short month that it is! There seemed to be so much to talk about — and so much fun to be had — with our Ho’ohana theme this month, a Love Affair with Books: great comments! A special mahalo this month to those in our Ho‘ohana Online Community who wrote up book reviews for us: as you’ll see in a moment, many of you really took their recommendations to heart, clicking back into that article repeatedly since it was posted.

As we started in January, the last Sunday of the month is for our Talking Story Recap, a CheatSheet of sorts which lines up the “best sellers” of the month’s posts. We’ll see how these hold up today and tomorrow: on March 1st The Best of Talking Story will be updated with the top 5 — if you want to check back with the reigning champs before they’re dethroned, click here, and check them out in the left column of our “Aloha Mai Kākou” page.

Numbers don’t lie ” that’s why I keep calling this Rosa’s Reality Check ” however this month I find I must present the top 8 instead of just 5: Number 1 really is a run-away (I’ll be VERY surprised if it doesn’t hold on to the top position), and Numbers 2 and 3 are pretty separate from the pack, but after that Numbers 4 – 8 are so close I had to include them all. We’ll see how your choices today and tomorrow settle the score!

1. Posted Feb. 10 The 3 Sins of Management. Do you remember what these were?

2. Posted Feb. 01 our February Ho‘ohana: A Love Affair with Books. Don’t be surprised if more garage sale stories creep up in future posts — especially when summer comes.

3. Posted Jan. 07 How this coach (me) reads a blog. I’m glad this one has helped you!

4. Posted Feb. 15 The Ho‘ohana Online Community Library. These are the Book Reviews: there’s nothing like recommendations from trusted and admired friends.

5. Posted Feb. 18 A Dozen Myths About Reading. There may be more ” is yours here?

6. Posted Dec. 14 The Daily Five Minutes Book Excerpt. I have to say this is very satisfying for me, for I am convinced it’s the best management tool I can offer you.

7. Posted Feb. 17 Management with High Impact. We welcome Lisa Haneberg and Management Craft to our Ho‘ohana Online Community and The Slacker Manager reviews her new book.

8. Posted Jan. 03 Day and Time for the Ho‘ohana Community. Still a contender! Our January celebration of Community really spoke to a lot of people — you’ve got to feel good about that!

Just one more thing: A BIGGIE! There are new manifestoes up at ChangeThis.com, and included you’ll find the new e-book offered by David St. Lawrence of Ripples. His e-book is called DANGER QUICKSAND (Have a Nice Day!) Download it here.

An Excerpt from ChangeThis: “This manifesto is a survival guide about the dignity of work, written for those of you who are trying to support your families and keep your sanity in a troubling and uncertain working environment. (ie. An unconventional guide to surviving corporate life.)”

Mahalo David for your generosity in offering your e-book to us absolutely free!

If you’ve visited Talking Story even occasionally, you know what a big fan I am of David’s, and you won’t want to miss this opportunity.

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