Meet the Barbara Walters of the blogosphere.

I am so excited about my Talking Story feature attraction this week that I’m not going to tease, be cute or coy about this: I’m going to spill the beans today and give my guest the advance billing she deserves — and give you a heads up that you must visit Talking Story tomorrow. Mark your calendars, moleskines or feed readers, whichever the case may be” tie a string around your finger or write her name in the palm of your hand.

Tomorrow I will feature my first interview done here on Talking Story, an interview in which I turned the tables on the Barbara Walters of the blogosphere, Ms. Yvonne DiVita: I will be the one interviewing her!

Divitacdvsm2 There was so much to ask, and it was so fascinating to talk story with Yvonne (actually it has been for months now). For those of you who already know of Lip-Sticking, Smart Marketing to Women Online, Yvonne’s alter-ego Jane is only the beginning of what there is to discover.

I know you will want to comment and talk story with Yvonne — in fact, I may be posting in my own comment string right along with you, for as we spoke I kept thinking of more questions for her and didn’t want to stop the interview!

Here is but one reason you’ll want to talk story with her more (the interview will give you several): Yvonne is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to publishing the book you believe may be in you right now. Not only does she have this knowledge, she is extremely passionate about getting that book out of you: That my friends, is her ho‘ohana.

As you may know, our Ho‘ohana this month on Talking Story has been A Love Affair with Books. If this is a love affair you share, you must click in and talk story with Yvonne tomorrow on the perspective she brings to books, blogs and the swelling ranks of citizen publishers, and the book-selling and publishing industry itself.

For today, I’m encouraging you to visit Yvonne’s wonderful blog Lip-Sticking, and read why I’ve referred to her as the Barbara Walters of the blogosphere. It’ll make your return here tomorrow even more fun and intriguing as she becomes the one in the hot seat!

Links to take:
Yvonne’s Infamous Interviews: Smart Men & Women Online.
Yvonne’s Blog: Lipsticking.
Yvonne’s Book: Dickless Marketing, Smart Marketing to Women Online.

A peek at Yvonne’s Author Bio:
Take note that this was written in 2003 — just wait until you read about the projects that Yvonne is involved in now!

“Yvonne DiVita is the President and Founder of Windsor Media Enterprises, LLC. Nine years of Internet research—studying how “real-time” contact was changing the social construct of communication—convinced her to form a company focused on helping entrepreneurs make the most of this dynamic technology. Windsor Media Enterprises, LLC helps people write, edit, and produce Web site content and e-docs, e-books and Print on Demand Publications.”

I’m reading Yvonne’s book now, and it’s taking me forever, however that’s a good thing, and I tell you why:
In it, she shares such great ideas and insightful tips about internet marketing that I keep jumping from her book to my own two websites to tweak them. Like me, you may have even written a book of your own already, but being an author on the internet is much different. You cannot read Yvonne’s book without being online at the same time. She has helped me immensely. If you think I’m gushing, you should read some of the reviews her book has received.

More tomorrow. We are in for such a treat. Once you get to know Yvonne you find she is a force of nature — all the good and wonderful things about it. And your own love affair with books? You may never think about it in the same way again.

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