Managing with Aloha reaches its 3rd Month Milestone today.

Today is February 19, 2005 and technically, by book publication date, Managing with Aloha is three months old today.

What a wonderful, aloha-filled three months it has been.

Yes, it is a dream come true to write a book, have it published, and have it read, talked about, studied and scribbled in. Honestly; marking up my book is one of the best compliments you can give me!

However Managing with Aloha has been far more than that. For those of you who have so generously purchased my book, I hope it has meant something for you too. My prayer, is that it has given you hope, and that it has helped you see the ways both large and small, in which you can welcome aloha to your work, and to your life.

Managing with Aloha, and bringing Hawaii’s universal values to the art of business, has been such passionate and rewarding work for me, and I just want to mark the day with a short post to say mahalo to all of you: thank you so much for being part of this bright, promising, and very optimistic journey. When you read Talking Story, write to me, call me, and share your own stories of aloha with me I feel incredibly blessed, and I want to work even harder for you.

At one point, Talking Story was going to be the “book website” for Managing with Aloha, separate from the other services that I’ve offered within Say Leadership Coaching, for the book had come after my business. However Managing with Aloha essentially is about reinventing work by reinventing the relationship between manager and employee, and it has pretty much taken over every aspect of my management coaching business – as it should have.

We have jumped into our ho‘ohana, our passion for this purposeful work, enthusiastically and as a shared conversation with you. There is no longer any separation at all between SLC and MWA — in fact, there never was, but these last three months have proven that all is as it should be. It is Pono, good and right.

I am very grateful for the way that Talking Story, Say Leadership Coaching, and Managing with Aloha have evolved, and I am very thankful for all of you, for it would not have happened this way without you. I wanted you to know that today.

Mahalo nui loa; this 3rd month is a celebration we share together.

With my Aloha,
Rosa Say

Founder and Coach,
Say Leadership Coaching
and Author of Managing with Aloha, Bringing Hawaii’s Universal Values to the Art of Business


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    Rosa, happy anniversary. Right now, MWA is a cherished and much anticipated part of my afternoon Starbucks retreat. As I read it, its almost as if we’re having a conversation: you talk with me through the printed word and I respond with my red pen with questions and thoughts in the margins. My intent is to lead the conversation on how we East Coasters can bring the distinctly Hawaiian (yet undeniably univeral) values to our own management practices. You may consider me an MWA Ambassador.
    Have a great weekend. CB

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    MWA is a tremendous outpouring of soulful work. (to borrow such beautiful language from Mr. Bailey)
    If MWA can soothe the raw nerves and lend dignity, grace and hope to a person such as myself, one who is not totally enamored with the management gig, I cannot comprehend its power in the hands of those who are.
    Rest assured, as I write from the southern shores of the Great Lake Erie and the northern shores of USA’s mainland, everyone I meet along the path will hear of our Hawaiian sister Rosa Say, and her Ho’ohana to bring nobility to the profession of management through her most eloquent instrument of Managing With Aloha.

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    Rosa – I can relate about the preciousness of a book of your own. There’s nothing quite like it. Congrats! I wonder what 3 months is in book years? In your case I hope it is just a second and that you book is available to inspire folks for decades to come!