How about 100 Bloggers or more in your company?

I am participating in a book project called 100 Bloggers with fellow Ho‘ohana Online Community members Bren (Slacker Manager), David (Ripples), Wayne (Blog Business World) and Yvonne (Lip-Sticking).

This morning Jon Strande, who is our mighty leader with this grand endeavor, posted a “Midstream Gut Check,” two questions to all the book participants that are stimulating a wealth of good, inspiring writing in and of themselves. If I have talked to you personally about the 100 Bloggers project before, or you have given any thought at all to blogging, click over and read the post and the comment thread.

I posted a comment of my own, and then I returned to surf my Talking Story referral logs, finding I’d gotten this visit: Someone had clicked over from a page which is the Live Journal written by Sandy Kristin Piderit.

Prof. Piderit is “an assistant professor of organizational behavior at the Weatherhead School of Management at Case, in Cleveland, Ohio. I do research on how to make businesses and other organizations more humane and productive, and I teach primarily in our undergraduate and PhD programs. I started this journal/blog in April 2003 to share information with current students, and to connect with scholars and other wise people who are doing work in fields of interest to me.”

This was the post on her landing page:

Saturday, February 5th, 2005

What if the whole company started blogging?

Nevermind CEOs blogging… that’s just a drop in the bucket. While exploring the fledgling Planet Case this morning, I came across links for Planet Mozilla and Planet Sun. I would love to see before-and-after social network maps of a company that introduced blogging to all its employees.

In my comment on the 100 Bloggers comment thread, I talked about business leaders. Professor Piderit’s simple question ”“ what if the whole company started blogging? ”“ is now making my brain do somersaults ”“ can you imagine!!! Not just allowed it, but sponsored it and encouraged it – taught it and evangelized it!

Mahalo Prof. Piderit, for you have just given me this leadership decision: I am presently working on expanding Say Leadership Coaching, and I will create a blog that will be a company intranet turned on public for the Ho‘ohana Community ”“ the readers of Talking Story. Your question will not just be a “what if?” — it will come to be. And by merit of posting this, and the wonderful opportunity blogs present, I’m hoping I won’t be the first.

When it does happen for us at SLC, I will let all of you know.

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