Danny Gregory writes on Bob Dylan.

I’ve pointed you to Danny Gregory’s Everyday Matters before, and today he offers us a real find in our month-long ode to books: his review on Bob Dylan’s Chronicles, Vol.1. For those of us who feel we read too many business books and need to expand our horizons, this one sounds like just the ticket.

In talking about the book, Gregory says, “I discovered that Bob Dylan has all the hallmarks of the quintessential creative person (and I’m surprised that this surprised me).” And then he continues with his nine-point synopsis of how Dylan has expressed his creativity;

1. Figure out what you’re about.
2. Explore.
3. Focus.
4. Move to New York.
5. Be generous.
6. There are no small parts.
7. Meet like-minded folks and be actively involved with them.
8. Never complain, never explain. Be yourself and be glad of it.
9. Above all, do what you love and love what you do.

I’ve made these short and sweet just to tempt you: I highly recommend you click in to Everyday Matters and read each point in full. (We don’t all have to move to New York”) It will give you much to think about while reflecting on your own creativity before you even consider adding the book itself to your own wish list (as I just did.)

Interestingly, what Gregory has aligned his nine creative points with, is good advice for getting published. He calls it “Chillin’ with Dylan.”

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