Work is personal – isn’t it?

Over on Slacker Manager, Bren got a discussion started on whether or not work is personal, after he himself had given some thought to a post that Jon Strande did on the same topic. I wanted to call it to your attention here on Talking Story, for a couple of reasons.

One is that in some incarnation it’s a subject a lot of people take very seriously, and we can all use help being open-minded by hearing another’s take on it. We get so personal about the subject itself, that sometimes we don’t respect others opinion – and I’m the first to admit, “Guilty as charged.”

So … I’m purposely not linking back to anything else that I’ve written before about this.

However, that being said, if you’ve checked in with me here at Talking Story even occasionally, you know that what Bren started does speak to the one word I use more than any other: ho‘ohana, working with intent and with purpose, which said another way means deliberately making your work personal.

So, click over to Bren’s and check out the conversation. Good stuff.

Postscript: Oops, forgot my other reason: this is a great example of how the comments in a blog conversation can lead you to “meeting” other people. Be sure you check out Jon’s original post too.


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    If you haven’t had a chance to visit Bren’s yet, I must encourage you, for the conversation has continued!
    Be adventurous and take the link’s offered by other commenting bloggers, like Lisa of Management Craft.
    Hawaii, I do wish you would participate!