This is it, my 100th Talking Story Post!

I wanted to do something special and different for this post, and two things brought their aloha forces together to give me this idea.

The first was that I read the January 4th post by the true blogger’s mentor, Wayne Hurlbert: Business Blogs, Recommending them to others. Here’s an excerpt:

“Business blogs are powerful tools for any business to adopt.

Whether the company is a traditional bricks and mortar business, an online business venture, or both, a business blog can pay dividend for any business bottom line.

The benefits are numerous, ranging from improved search engine rankings, to better customer relations, to more effective public relations, to ever more powerful marketing. Blogging succeeds in all of these areas.

We all know that to be true.

What we need to do now, is spread the word.

As bloggers, we need to become missionaries for the concept of business blogging.”

If you are a business person, you must read Wayne’s entire post. As I read it, a voice kept asking in my head, “Hey Ms. Businesswoman, you know he’s right, so who’s the last person you talked story with about it?”

Then the second thing: I get this email campaign from TypePad reminding me about their special: Renew Now! Buy one, get one free! I told you email is still the killer app, works on me!

And so I thought – hey, why not? I know I’m going to renew my own subscription, so why not give the other one away to someone itching to start a business blog for themselves? And if you know TypePad’s offerings, you know that the very basic program gives you the ability to set up 3 different blogs, so you could do a personal one too, and still have another left over for a link blog, or a community page, or a second business blog!

So hear ye, hear ye all you business owners: to celebrate this, my own 100th post, I’m giving away the one-year gift subscription I will receive with my TypePad renewal.

My only caveat is this: one of the 3 that comes with the program must be a Business Blog, and I will do your unveiling here on Talking Story when you are set up and ready to roll.

If you want my invitation, send me an email telling me how you ho‘ohana, i.e. how you work with passion and intent in your business, and second, how you will ‘imi ola – seek your best possible life in business, with a blog.

I do have one more request: I’d like you, the business owner, to be the blog author.

The deadline for your email will be this Saturday night, January 8th at midnight Hawaii Pacific time. (not July… thanks Todd!) How will I select the winner? Take your cue from my mantra: Ho‘ohana with us, (work with passion and intention), as we manage with Aloha.

How much fun is this?


  1. says

    Just a fantasitc idea! I have a friend that wants to get into blogging as well and the Typepad offer is a great way to get him started.
    I really like the way you have a focused plan for your free Typepad offer!
    I look forward to seeing and reading from the winner!
    This Saturday in January, right! July seems like a decade from now! :)

  2. says

    Great Todd, send him my way, for if he gets it I know you’ll be a good mentor for him too! If he’s already thinking about it, I’m sure your blog was one of those who inspired him!

  3. says

    Rosa, your warmth and generosity with this offer is truly wonderful. Your desire to share your good fortune with others speaks volumes, as you practice the Aloha, that you recommend in your book.
    All my best to you in everything you do.

  4. says

    Mahalo Wayne, for the good words.
    Aloha Joe, mahalo for stopping by at Talking Story: I hope your message means you’ll be sending me your mana’o on having your own business blog! A decision on the invitation award will happen after midnight tonight, January 8th.
    Dear Readers,
    When you think “business blog” think of marketing, community, networking, relationship, customer responsiveness, company intranets, and learning – be a student of business and develop new skills along the way.
    Best of all, this is fun!
    So send me your emails to Let’s talk story about the possibilities for you and your business.