Shameless Self Promotion

I’ve been checking in regularly with the Business Blogging Award Nominations, and it makes me smile when I see this phrase “shameless self promotion” and someone nominates themselves in some best category: I want to shoot them all an email and say “good for you! Believe in yourself and raise your own bar!” They are writing down their intent to have a killer blog for all the world to see, and if you check in regularly with me here on Talking Story, you know that “intent” is big with me.

I see intention, which I sometimes call “being wide awake in your work,” as the catalyst for a person’s positive growth. State your intent, and get it done. Those who are shamelessly self-promoting their blogs now must turn their blogs into the jewels they promise they are, being sure the sheen never dulls, and that’s good news for all of us.

Of course it also helps when you’re getting some positive strokes and encouragement along the way. And that’s what Bren, the Slacker Manager did for me, suggesting that I submit a proposal to ChangeThis for a new manifesto on my book, Managing with Aloha.

Even after you’ve written a book, life goes on, learning continues, and there are things that will come up you wish you’d written in the first edition of the book. However it may have been best you didn’t yet because your learning wasn’t quite done – that’s what the writing of the ChangeThis manifesto could do for me, just eight short weeks since Managing with Aloha was released.

So guess what? My proposal for a ChangeThis manifesto was just posted on their website for votes this morning! If you aren’t familiar with ChangeThis, this is how it works: I’ll have to get enough votes on my proposal before they ask me to write the manifesto itself: once it’s a manifesto, you can download it as a free pdf file. So here’s my own shameless self promotion: do me a big favor and click on over and vote for me!

Vote for a Managing with Aloha Manifesto!

After you vote, do one more thing: download Bren’s manifesto, You’ll be doing yourself a favor, for as Bren explains so well in it, you too can have his incredible gift for “satisficing” – find out what it means.