MWA comes to Hawaii Public Radio

Sorry, I may be posting this a bit late for this morning, however, if you want some Managing With Aloha flavored entertainment on your work commute, I’ll be Noe Tanigawa‘s guest on Hawaii Public Radio today. We’ll be talking story at 7:30am and it’ll be re-broadcast at 4:30pm.

Here’s a link on the frequencies: You’ll see Hawaii’s radio station dial locations at the top of the page. Where to listen.

For those of you who aren’t in Hawaii, and those who may want to catch it later on your own time, check back on my Event Calendar tomorrow: I’ll post a link to the program when it’s listed on Noe’s website.

Guess what?  This is post no.99 on Talking Story!
… wonder what I could do a bit differently for no.100 … hmmm.