More Stories of Aloha: Rosemary

A short post this morning, with the thought that I may provide you with some good reading if you have time to spare this weekend.

I’ve been doing some reading of my own, and I feel compelled to add to my Stories of Aloha category here on Talking Story, sharing a few recent blog posts that help us understand what aloha, the sharing of our spirit, is all about.

These Stories of Aloha are from Rosemary Rothacker of Wiz Speak.

First, you may want to meet Rosemary here.

This one will reveal the wonderful manager she is. (They all reveal that she’s a pretty special person.) Where is that Smell Coming From?

This is her Customer Service story, about Jim. Ho‘okipa at it’s purest.

And this one is called Laughter – The Best Medicine.

Rosemary, you are just the medicine we need.