KnowMore Blogging has arrived!

To celebrate my 100th Post here on Talking Story I had offered my TypePad gift subscription to a new business blogger. I am very pleased and excited to announce that Doug Murata, the businessman who was awarded the prize, has begun his new business blog! Visit him at KnowMore Blogging, which he describes as

“A weblog created for Business Mavens to share their knowledge, experience, and know-how.”

I am very excited for Doug, and for all of us who have discovered the richness to be found on business blogs. It is nearly impossible to be a business blogger today and not turn into an evangelist for the medium itself, for after all these years in business I have come to know that a healthy business does not stand alone: a healthy, thriving business is well networked in rich, mutually beneficial relationships with other business people. A business blog is a great catalyst for creating those new business relationships, because it is based in the sharing of knowledge. There may be no better way to start a friendship with another professional than to say, “There is so much we can learn from each other. Let’s do it.”

I first met Doug through Talking Story, and we then met personally. Knowing Doug as I have come to, I must tell you there is much he can teach us drawing from his own experiences. However I also know he has an insatiable appetite for new learning himself. Share your aloha with him at his new blog, and invest in your own well being as a manager and as a leader.

As I wrote in my first comment on Doug’s blog, “E komo mai a‘o alaka‘ina kakou” we come to share in learning. We will all be the better for it.

Visit KnowMore Blogging.


  1. Doug says

    Thank you Rosa for the very kind introduction and for your support. I agree wholeheartedly with your comment that, “It is nearly impossible to be a business blogger today and not turn into an evangelist for the medium itself…”
    The closest comparison I have been able to make for blogging is to the “word-of-mouth” medium. It certainly has with the right connections, the potential to be “viral”.
    Somebody is bound to make a study about it someday… they’ll probably write a book and get rich. My goals are more modest…to learn from sharing.