Eavesdropping on January’s Talking Story

eaves’ drop per n.
[Probably back-formation from eavesdropper, one who eavesdrops, from Middle English evesdropper, from evesdrop, place where water falls from the eaves, from Old English yfes drype.]

January has been jam-packed with energy: a great way to start 2005.

If you’ve had some trouble keeping up (we all do) this post is a Talking Story CheatSheet for you. Per the good old referral logs these were the most popular posts this month in descending order of hits: (this is as objective as it can get, and I am incapable of picking my own favorites. Guess you could also call this Rosa’s reality check.):

1/7/05 How this coach (me) reads a blog. My friends, here’s no doubt about it: blogging for business (I love David’s “citizen publishing” term for it) is at a tipping point. When I first started Talking Story my own searches for “business blogs” in particular always came up empty, and I found the few there were, by finding the marketing and branding blogs first. That was only about six months ago, and now 15,100,000 entries came up in my last try. I wrote more on blogging this month than I originally intended to, because I got so many questions about it from both SLC and Talking Story subscribers: you can scroll through the January archives if you want to see them.

1/3/05 January: Day and Time for the Ho‘ohana Community. Our theme of community did strike up some things; very satisfying to see. Remember you can take in the whole discussion by clicking on the Monthly Ho‘ohana category link. If you are new to Talking Story, you can read the what-is-it? on Ho‘ohana „¢ in the first blurb of the next popular post, Introducing the Ho‘ohana Online Community. More for first-timers on my About page too.

1/25/05 Introducing the Ho‘ohana Online Community. I am incredibly excited about this addition to the Ho‘ohana Community. Even if you read this post the first time around, I’d like to encourage you to read it again, for the blog authors involved have added their mana‘o to the comment conversation for you. Good stuff, great resource. I will be featuring them next month in another Ho‘ohana Talk Story: stay tuned!

1/14/05 Community disengagement does matter. Funny, not one comment left on this post, but it kept coming up every single day after I posted it. Just because people don’t comment here doesn’t mean they aren’t thinking about what they read ” something to remember if you are a memo writer or email blitzer in your company. Watch for other signs of the effect your words can have. Write thoughtfully, and responsibly.

11/8/04 Let’s define Values. Yes, from November. The search engines seem to love this one: people type in “define values” pretty consistently. The ironic thing is that one of my fears with Managing with Aloha was that people were getting weary of value discussions, thus the first sentence on my book jacket reads, “Values may be the most frequently spoken word in business today ”” Hopefully you’ll soon be able to see I’ve updated the entire discussion in the ChangeThis Manifesto I’ve been writing.

Comments are open if you still want to Talk Story on any of this. I’d love to hear your thoughts.

As I usually do, on the first of the month I’ll update the Best of Talking Story list that’s on the left column of my About page with this top 5. So head over there now if this is old news to you (much mahalo to my Talking Story faithful!) and want to see what’s still there.

Bonus: This wasn’t in the top 5, but it was pretty close, and I really don’t want you to miss Todd Storch’s Customer Service feature. If you’re only seeing it now, it will take some reading time, but do bookmark it if you can’t devote your attentions to it right away: you’ll be glad you did — have something handy to take notes. Todd’s added a feature link for it on his Business Thoughts homepage too.

fyi Managing with Aloha has its own category link for book discussions and updates. Book Preview. What others are saying. Category Link.

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