Customer Service: How Can it Improve?

Aloha Ho‘ohana Community! This week, I want to encourage you to keep up with K.Todd Storch @ Business Thoughts – I know I will!

Todd has a feature this week that I have very impatiently been waiting for: he asks the question, Customer Service: How Can it Improve?

Bookmark this link, and click over every day this week.

Todd was gracious to include me as one of his guest authors for the week, however my own anticipation stems from the exceptional line-up of writers Todd has commandeered, for I am positive they will give me some fresh new thoughts on the subject, and I’m pretty humbled being included in their company. Banishing any trace of mediocrity in customer service is one of my very favorite topics to coach business owners on, and I am positively drooling to read what his other guests will have to say about it.

— Todd has invited Bren, the Slacker Manager to weigh in, who I have mentioned several times here on Talking Story, because he is such a goldmine of thought provocation. If you haven’t done it yet, you have to download the manifesto he has on ChangeThis: click here for SlackerAtWork.

— Also contributing is Dave, the Wizaard, who I think is a wonderful story-teller, about business and more. Dave recently enticed his wife Rosemary to share the writing pleasures with him at his own blog, Wiz Speak, and she has a special style all her own. If you haven’t been there lately you should take the scenic route to Todd’s and click over.

Terry Storch at Fellowship Church will also write a post, and I have so enjoyed clicking my way through his archives, I know whatever he writes will be dynamite. Is it any wonder his posts are magnets for me when they include headers like this?
Ideas- nope. It’s all about execution.
Processor vs. Process.
The End of Management. (I don’t agree, but you know it got my heart racing!)

Jon Strande at Business Evolutionist will start us off, and Jon’s blog is presently one of those in my “Newest Ones” folder as one I must get to know better. The thing is, I already feel somewhat like I have, for Jon’s got to be one of the most linked-to authors in the other blogs I read: I recently mentioned him as the catalyst for the conversation Bren started, asking Is Work Personal? Jon’s original post was actually more on the subject of trust in the workplace, and – well, maybe it’s best I not go totally off on another tangent…

So now do you see why I’ve been waiting for this week’s feast over at Todd’s?

Todd gave us the Monday through Friday line-up, and I do hope he’s doing his own answer to this customer service question on Saturday ” Todd? We all want to hear from you too!

For now, get a taste of Todd’s writing with this category he has on his blog: Consumer Experience. Todd writes in a way that makes me smile and nod my head in agreement with virtually every sentence: when you click in and read some of his stories you’ll see what I mean.

It’s going to be a great week, I can just feel it. We’ll be raising the roof on customer service everywhere. Are you ready?