Community: join in or start up?

A feel-good post on Wiz Speak today: Goodwill; Amplified.

In it, Dave and Rosemary talk about their daughter’s involvement in a tsunami relief fundraising effort with three of her friends (bravo for Carla Marie!) They also challenge the rest of us: what will we do to amplify a need or mobilize resources in our own communities?

The largest resource we have is our human capital. What I love about the short story on Wiz Speak is that it tells of how Carla Marie and her friends were the fire starters:

“They have a somewhat unique business model. It relies on their smarts, hard work and the public’s near utter inability to resist their endeavor.”

Oh to have the enthusiasm of youth!

When we think of community involvement, we are more inclined to think that we have to join something that’s already there, and we procrastinate or get mired in inaction, confused about where to start looking. Instead, like Carla Marie and her friends, we can be the ones with the initiative to begin something.

And how wonderful, if at the same time we fulfill a need.

Be a leader! If you can’t find a kinship to something that’s already there, do your own thing – the sky’s the limit! Create the kind of community associations you want. You may be very surprised at how many people will be waiting for the opportunity you present, and jump on your bandwagon.

Do you want to follow? Or do you want to lead?