A Company Culture of Ho’okipa

When Todd asked me to write something for his forum on customer service, speaking of ho’okipa was my first thought. For a long time now, ho’okipa has replaced the phrase "customer service" in my working and coaching vocabulary.

What I love about ho’okipa is that it is for everyone, not just the almighty customer.

In Managing with Aloha, ho’okipa takes up all of chapter six, and you’d think that would have made it easy for me: just pull a decent blog post out of the thirteen pages of stuff in the chapter – lots to work with! However that’s exactly what made it challenging. You can click over to Todd’s and see how I did.

If you have a comment to share, please do so at Todd’s, for he is our gracious mea ho’okipa for today; my mahalo to Todd for the kind invitation to share my mana’o.