Websites, Weblogs, and LipSticking: a Story of Aloha given.

When I decided to develop a website for Say Leadership Coaching, there were two things I did to start designing it: I went on the hunt for a good webmaster, and I went web-surfing, reading as many business web sites as I possibly could. I had a Word doc file in one open window that had two columns to log the results of my research: the heading on one column said “my reaction as a customer” and the other said “jollies or good business?” so that I’d be realistic about what was cool versus right for my coaching business.

Luckily for me, it didn’t take me too long to discover weblogs, and Talking Story was born to complement, the static website done for me by my webmaster (who is both cool and good!) Before I hit that magic make-this-blog-public button for Talking Story, I became a commenter on other blogs: they were so seductive, I just couldn’t resist. Well, good thing. One of the very first blogs I was brave enough to comment on was Lipsticking, Smart Marketing to Women Online, written by Yvonne DiVita, for she seemed to be so genuine, warm, and welcoming. And, “what’s not to like about that?”

Yvonne has proved to be very worthy of my trust and the trust of all newbie bloggers, for she has such aloha for us and this conversational medium. Lipsticking has led me to many other blog discoveries, and both Yvonne’s posts and her ‘ohana in business (i.e. the professional community she has created) have challenged me with new learning in marketing not only to women, but to everyone. On Lipsticking, you will find Yvonne has blog rolls titled More Marketing Online, Small Business Advice, Knowledge Management, Jane Speaks, and Just For Fun. In September, 2004, the Rochester Women’s Network announced they had selected Yvonne as an “Up and Coming Business Woman of the Year” and on her bio, she reveals her mana‘o (who she really is and her true goal).

Yvonne is an author, with dreams for the author in all of us, and she has written a book of her own called Dickless Marketing, Smart Marketing to Women Online. I’ve included it in my BookList to the right for you.

So today, akin to the feeling one gets when acknowledged by one of their mentors, it is my honor to be featured on Yvonne’s blog as her Smart Woman Online Interview. Click on over and get a taste of Yvonne’s warmth and aloha for yourself. We had great fun, and I must thank Yvonne for her wonderful interview: she made it so easy for me, and she was very gracious. There was a lot to like about that!

Mahalo nui Yvonne.

By the way, when you have more reading time, grab a cup of coffee and review the other interviews Yvonne has done in her series: she has a knack for connecting with truly fascinating business people, willing to share so much of their mana‘o with us.


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    I read your Smart Woman interview with Yvonne and you presented yourself, and your ideas of business very well. You were that wonderful combination of professionalism, intelligence, and warmth I expect from you and your blog. You truly have the spirit of Aloha.

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    Mahalo nui for your comment Wayne, you are exceptionally kind.
    To my Ho’ohana Community: Wayne has a blog of his own that is a must-read for any of you considering writing a weblog yourself. Visit him by clicking on his name linked in his comment above.

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    Rosa, you flatter me! Your blog is a top 10 in my book. You have such a warm personality, and you are one smart cookie…I am privileged to be counted among your friends. As I will note in a future Lip-sticking post, your book is a must-read! Tim Sanders has nothing on you! Aloha and love is indeed the killer app. Cheers, Yvonne.