The Alaka‘i Nalu

Yesterday I got this note in my email inbox:

“As I read your book, I have this sense that my team has a lot in common with your Alaka‘i Nalu. Can you share a picture of them?”

Sure, I don’t think they’d mind. Here’s a recent one of just six of them, taken in June of this past year, well past the time I was their manager: As you can see, they’re doing just great! I continue to be very proud of them. Alaka‘i Nalu translates to leaders of the waves, and they live up to their name daily.

In this second shot they are paddling the canoe named Ka la hiki ola, (the dawning of a new day) and you can see part of their ocean, and their beach. Just another day in paradise.


  1. Catherine Nalu Poulin says

    My name is Catherine Maria Nalu Poulin. I am the Grand Daughter of David Nalu and Myra Miner Nalu. My Mothers Name is Philomina Maria Kai Nalu Schrader. All Born in Honolulu.
    Many years I have researched Our Hawaiian Culture, My older Sister Stephanie and Cousin Star have recovered some remarkable information on Ohana Geneology as well.
    We have compiled all our findings in a family sight known as “Heart and Soul” aka: Nalu/Miner Sight. This sight was opened May of 2001. It has been a very successful tool in finding and joining family members.
    In my search for David Nalu History I saw this sight and would like to extend an invitation to the Hawaiian Members of this sight who may be related to Charles Solomon Miner or David Nalu My Grandfathers.
    You can request an invite by emailing myself at
    Mahalo for creating this sight… A Hui Hou, Malama Pono! Cat