Sunday Reading: Quotes that point to Courage.

Earlier, Doug had pointed out how internet searches on Courage can yield interesting results. Today I found two quotes that brought my thoughts back to our Ho‘ohana theme without even mentioning the word.

I absolutely love this quote (think ‘Imi ola—seeking your best possible life):

“When you remember what you love, you will remember who you are. If you remember who you are, you can do anything.”
— Cartoonist Cathy Guisewite

And the first sentence of this one jumped off the page at me:

“What if jobs are simply becoming an obsolete concept for work packaging?
Why do so many of us put up with a substandard experience of what we do with most of our waking hours, driven by the dream of a little high-quality leisure?”
— David Harder (from The Truth About Work)

Mahalo to Anita Sharpe at Worthwhile Mag for posting them both.

You might also want to click in here for the comments that others posted at Worthwhile in regard to the David Harder quote.

Our Talk Story up to this point has largely focused on the demonstration of courage in the work environment, yet courage is such a personal trait, touching every aspect of our lives. Often the need for greater courage starts with that very first choice of what work we choose. If we feel safe in a previously made choice, the need for courage beckons when we must bravely confront and jump into the changes that lead us to our heart’s true desire.