On this side, Operations. On this side, Marketing.

My guess is that Jennifer Rice will start some good discussion with her post: New definition of marketing. I’m interested to see how it unfolds, and plan to keep checking in with her over the next few days.

When I look back on my own corporate history, this is one area I am simply amazed we were all so blind to: the fact that sales and marketing must be woven through-out an entire organization if a business is to have the best possible chance of succeeding.

I’m sure there are a few sales managers out there in my history who would laugh out loud that I just wrote that: I myself have been very guilty of proliferating the great divide between Sales & Marketing and “us” in Operations, proud of myself for standing up for my “own” people, and completely missing my opportunity. But hey S&M guys (and gals), you kept to your own side of the great divide as well, and usually thumbed your nose at the operators you were resigned to “living with.”

Well, now we know better.

However, my question is a bit different than Jennifer’s: What are we doing about it? How are we integrating a marketing focus within the operations of our own companies? Until that happens, we may not be ready for the “future” of marketing Jennifer inquires about.


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    The keyword that reflects what needs to be done is integrate. You asked, how are we integrating a marketing focus within the operations of our own company. I totally agree. What does it take, I ask? The will of the leadership to instill the culture in everyone drawing a paycheck. Not by force, but by awareness that to keep drawing that paycheck, the company must be in the position to effectively market their products, which everyone is responsible for.