Now what? Are we ready for our new leaders?

As we emerge from an emotionally charged election week in our country, are we ready to rally behind those who lead?


In reading many post-election stories and interviews, I’ve noticed there is one question which keeps coming up:
When you are the winner, have the voters in your winning majority given you a mandate to proceed on the issues you stated your convictions for, or must you still work to convince those in the minority who did not agree with you?

My logical mind knows the answer must be a combination of both things; my emotional wish is that those who lead now by any margin of victory achieved, will be courageous enough to take a stand for what is simply the right thing to do—and that the rest of us continue to engage and participate in the process. The election is over, but as we pat ourselves on the back for record turn-outs at the polls, we must also understand that marking a ballot every two or four years isn’t enough.

So much opinion has been voiced; now it’s time for action.

Now we will see which leaders were born: they are those who walk their talk and don’t waste any time doing so. The “mandate” they were given, was to lead. They must take responsibility for leadership; individually, we must take responsibility for the kind of followers we will be.

How will we as a nation react?  I’ve always been one to take the optimists view, and in the spirit of sharing my own optimism, here’s one of the best post-election articles I’ve read:

A Split Nation? Don’t believe it.

“The conventional wisdom that America has been rent asunder by this election strikes me as fundamentally wrong”I would go so far as to say that the notorious political polarization in the United States is really nothing to worry about; it may even be something to celebrate. What we are seeing here is a sign of democratic vitality in a land that remains fundamentally whole.” —Niall Ferguson, professor of history at Harvard University