It’s about Courage: Let’s Talk Story with bravery, resolution, conviction, and emotional strength.

Welcome to Nowemapa, November. Current Affairs here on Talking Story:

1. Our Ho‘ohana this month is on Courage. The Hawaiian value for courage, is Koa.
Read Ho‘ohana just below, or by clicking November 1 on the Calendar.
Add your comment, and Talk Story with us.

2. You’ll find a new link in our main sitemap (left column) to Rosa’s Event and Book Signing Calendar.
Just 18 more days to the release of Managing with Aloha: you will find it in bookstores through-out Hawaii on November 19.
Link to the new Event Calendar
Link to order Managing with Aloha online.

3. As you know, today is General Election Day.
Take your first action in courage this month and state your convictions: Vote.