Hanau. Giving birth to ideas.

Here’s another example of making meaning: a wonderful mantra and tag line I learned of recently, used by Nai‘a Ulumaimalu L. Watson, a small business owner in our Hawaii who does “Marketing, Consulting, Graphic Design and Production.” When you come to one of my book-signings, you will receive a bookmark Nai‘a designed for me with the values of Managing with Aloha.

Her company name and mantra is the same — HANAU — and her tag line is “birthing ideas into the world of form & function.” I asked Nai‘a if she would share her mana‘o with us about Hanau.

The meaning of Hanau is “to birth”–and I use it with the idea that
everything we do which is of importance to us is akin to giving
birth–ideas, thoughts, artwork, business plans, marketing concepts,
etc. and the key really is to BIRTH. So often we have an idea, plan,
vision or dream and do not follow through–or maybe we aren’t sure how
to follow through and so we let it go. But too many ideas let go is not
healthy–it is like stopping the creative flow of why we are here! And
your spirit is “let down” over and over.

So I see myself as assisting others in manifesting–or birthing ideas
from the world of symbolism and spirit–into that of form and
function–or the physical.

And the goal is to always do that for ourselves :-) so that we don’t
move from service into sacrifice over the passion in our lives… and
as the kupuna would say strive for PONO. :-) and live with ALOHA. —Nai‘a Ulumaimalu L. Watson

Wonderful words to build a business on, don’t you think? Very clearly, Nai‘a’s business is about Ho‘ohana—her passion for worthwhile work. Knowing of her mantra, and of her mana‘o, makes me think of the bookmark she did for me in a whole new light.