Case sees Hawai‘i as business model

You may have caught some coverage on last night’s news on the message AOL Founder Steve Case gave to local business leaders at a Hawaii Business Top 250 luncheon in Waikiki yesterday. If not—in fact, even if you did—read about it in this story run in today’s Business section of the Honolulu Advertiser:
Case sees Hawai‘i as business model.

I love his message (bold highlights are mine):

Hawaii’s companies have an opportunity not only to be drivers of the economy, but to promote social change for the good of the community.”

“Case ” spoke about a new paradigm for Hawaii businesses that could be used as a model for the rest of the country. ‘I saw Hawaii as an opportunity to invest in a new kind of business paradigm—to build and support businesses that would generate social benefits as well as financial returns ” not only to make a profit, but make a difference for a place I really love.’”

“One mandate for David Cole (a fellow AOL executive brought in to run Maui Land & Pineapple) was to move beyond the business of selling land and buildings and create whole communities that reflect island values.”

He warns: “But for the state to develop a more vibrant economy, it must retain its brightest minds, offer compelling business opportunities, and provide adequate access to capital.”

This is a vision for all business enterprise, not just those in Hawaii.

The question is, will you be a leader of the charge or a follower? Will you act today to make it happen, or will you wait, counting on others? Will you simply accept your future, come what may, or will you proactively create one?