What do you know for sure?

Looking back over my last post, I shouldn’t have left you wondering about those other two quotes I clipped, from Richard Gere and Aaron Brown. Here they are:

“What do I know for sure?

We have free will; we can change our minds. We can open mind and heart. We can eradicate the darkness inside of us. You don’t do it purely from blessings or reading a book. You’ve got to do the work. It’s like anything else.” — Richard Gere

“What do I know for sure?

I know that persistence trumps talent and looks every time” I’ve had a wonderful life because I never once doubted that things would work out. That is the lesson I teach my daughter. Decide what you want and do it. People will tell you that you’re being silly or a dreamer. Ignore them all. Just keep plugging along, made the phone call every week. I know this for certain.” — Aaron Brown

How would you answer the question? What do you know for sure?


  1. says

    I know, for sure, that women rule. I know that Desmond TuTu was right when he said that if women ruled the world, there wouldn’t be wars and famine. That’s what I know.