Today begins the 75th Annual Business Women’s Week.

This, from Kirsten Osolind at re:invention:

Today marks the start of the 75th Annual National Business Women’s Week. A SADLY underpublicized week sponsored by Business and Professional Women/USA (self-designated the “leading advocate for working women”). The SADLY underpublicized National Business Women’s Week is designed to help publicize the achievements of business and professional women on a local, state, and national level. Ironic, isn’t it?

Read the 75 Years of Milestones for Women Worksheet today. Muse about how far we women have come. Print multiple copies and distribute them liberally to your daughter, your mother, your husband, your co-workers/employees. Then send a quick email to Business and Professional Women/USA President Nancy Hurlbert and suggest she hire a PR agency next year or better yet…partner with your company/organization locally to help spread the word.

I printed the worksheet, and my first impression was sadness — so far, our 21st century looks pretty un-noteworthy. Then this thought: how great if our aloha here in the islands could create the next big accomplishment for women in 2004?

Hawaii, what are we doing to celebrate the week? My encouragement to you is this: you don’t need your entire company or organization to sponsor something before you yourself take the initiative to act. Small but meaningful actions from just one person can have a big effect.

An example: our own Ho‘ohana theme for the month is Labor and Recruitment: Human Resources Directors through-out the island individually can use the week to promote “new” opportunities for women in their own organizations: sometimes simple auto-pilot stereotypes get in the way ” “I’d love to, but don’t they look for men in that position?” ” the answer may be no, but for some reason only men traditionally apply. Secondly, start a mentorship for the younger women in your organization: partner them with those who have been there, done that, and are eager to teach a new generation. Third, call your local high school and ask for their college counselor; inform them of the opportunities you have for new graduates who wish to continue their education here at home. Fourth, well, you give me a fourth, and a fifth, and a sixth idea we can all use. I know you have them.

Then next week, do the same things for the guys. You’ll have more women in your corner to help lead the way :)