This world-wide web is still about people, and the way we reach out for each other.

Since starting Talking Story, I’ve had a few people ask me why posting a very public weblog doesn’t “concern” me. There are two main reasons it doesn’t: One is that I am fascinated with the whole global capacity of community, perhaps too fascinated to be more cautious. Second, I figure I’m the one starting the conversation, and if I have good intent in that beginning, all will be well.

Talking Story is only two months old, but in its prior email editions, Ho‘ohana has been forwarded to many people I don’t know for over a year now, and I’ve never had a bad experience with those who do contact me. On the contrary, they continually reinforce my belief that people inherently want to act from a place of good intent too—and will when you give them the opportunity. I’ve met some pretty special people just in the short two months Talking Story has been published.

It happened again today. I received a wonderful email from a new subscriber, who after doing the safely anonymous, privacy-protective subscription thing I’ve set up for the Ho‘ohana Community, went one step further. He chose to introduce himself in a personal message, telling me about the new career journey he’s on, and a bit about his life as a result of his new choices.

As part of his message, he told me about the place in which he lives, describing it as,

“gorgeous, mountain views, beautiful clouds, storms, sunsets, flaura and fauna. When I have my down day or two, I try to focus on all that I have.”

After I read his message, I was compelled to walk outside, sit on my lanai for a few moments, and just drink in all that was simple, natural, and right in my world. Quite a gift to get from someone I’ve just met who chose to reach out, talk story with me, and not stay anonymous.

Another person I “met” recently is Charlie O’Shields, who publishes his own weblog called Always Curious, a World of Wonders. Charlie inspires me daily with the eye he levels on our world, and his extraordinary talent for capturing its splendor. Charlie “writes” his blog with photography, and tonight he posted one of the most spectacular pictures I’ve ever seen—you must take a look at his Primary Colors.

Look around you this weekend and enjoy your world too. We’ll get back to the business side of life on Monday ” or perhaps Tuesday”