The Ka Makani make history.

I must mark the day with a post of celebration: yesterday we had a wonderful afternoon on a beautiful day in Waimea, at the Hawaii Preparatory Academy campus. It was senior day for my son and his football team: their last home game in the regular season. And this is what happened, a feat unachieved at the school for the last 38 years:

Ka Makani make history: HPA tops Hilo, goes undefeated in regular season for first time since 1966.

The old saying “save the best for last” was definitely appropriate Saturday in Waimea.

After all, it was the first time in years that two undefeated football teams — HPA and Hilo — faced one another on the final day of the regular season. Even though the outcome of the game had no affect on the playoff picture, it had the feel of a championship game as HPA held on for a 24-14 win. Continue reading (free subscription required).

Andrewqueen103004HPA’s Andrew Queen pulls in a first-quarter pass Saturday during Ka Makani’s 24-14 victory over previously unbeaten Hilo. BARON SEKIYA | WEST HAWAII TODAY

Both teams went into the game undefeated, already having secured the top berth in their respective state-wide divisions. It was a good game between two very good teams, and one that I enjoyed immensely because all the parents and spectators behaved well, something that unfortunately, rarely happens in hotly contested games and rivalries here in Big Island football.

So parents, coaches, fans of HPA and Hilo: thank you for a day of sports integrity. Our sons deserve that honor after working so hard at a game they all love.