Remember We Sell For You?

I had posted a story back in August about a new Queen Street business called We Sell For You. Do you remember it? Here’s a follow-up to the wisdom of their business idea:

Ebay’s Quarter
Signal vs. Noise: “Just heard about this: 25% of all consumer dollars spent online are spent at eBay properties (eBay, PayPal, Half, etc). Yowzers.”

Mahalo to Dane Carlson at Business Opportunities Weblog for the link. Ironically, —well, ironic in the case of We Sell For You, a prospering entrepreneurship, —Dane had another post just prior to this EBay tidbit, which pointed out Hawaii’s dismal ranking (number 49 out of 51 states, including the District of Columbia) as the third least friendly state to new entrepreneurs.

Where there’s a will, and a great idea, there’s a way.