Check out Art of the Start

Yesterday we spoke a bit about self-employment and entrepreneurship (mahalo to Doug and Wayne for their comments).

In thinking more about it, I remembered this great manifesto I recently read by Guy Kawasaki, as a preview to his new book, Art of the Start. You can download it as a pdf file, free at

If you don’t have time today, bookmark it for the weekend – you’ll be glad you did. No interest in self-employment or entrepreneurship? Read it anyway, because it’ll jumpstart other ideas for you in whatever business you may be in. For instance, the ChangeThis preview reveals this excerpt;

“Forget mission statements; they’re long, boring, and irrelevant. No one can ever remember them — much less implement them. Instead, take your meaning and make a mantra out of it. This will set your entire team on the right course.”

I’ve yet to totally discard mission statements as Kawasaki suggests, because in coaching I find the exercise itself can help immensely. However, since reading his manifesto I’ve reduced quite a few to mantras as my logical next step: It’s a great recommendation.

My mantra? Ho‘ohana. What’s yours?

My “tag line” sits as the banner on my SLC website:
Ho‘ohana with us: our passion is Managing with Aloha.

Mantra, tag line, what’s the difference? For the answer, read the manifesto. What you’ll find within its pages is just too good to miss. The book itself tops my book list in the right column: you can click on it for the review.

Postscript: Just found this at the 800CEOREAD Blog: Guy Kawasaki is interviewed by ZDNet Editor in Chief Dan Farber on The video interview runs 19 minutes 16 seconds.