Achievement and Excellence (KÅ«lia i ka nu‘u).

Whew! Had one of those crazy days yesterday, so on this Thursday morning it’s all about focus for me.

In honor of the day’s focus, I’m adding a new category to this weblog:

Achievement and Excellence (KÅ«lia i ka nu‘u)

Literally translated, KÅ«lia i ka nu‘u means to strive for the summit, and in Hawaii of the late 1800’s it was known as the favorite saying of Queen Kapi‘olani.

As the Hawaiian value of achievement, KÅ«lia i ka nu‘u promotes personal excellence. Excellence is never an accident: It is always intentional, and it always demands more than the norm. Excellence in the achievements you set your sights on will set you apart, for it will color your character with the destiny of leadership. Therefore, it is quite understandable that Hawaii’s most legendary teacher of KÅ«lia i ka nu‘u was a queen, one known for dedicating her life to the well-being of our people. Kapi‘olani served our islands as Queen of Hawaii from 1874 ”“ 1891, and for many of us her legacy lives on.

The message in KÅ«lia i ka nu‘u is a simple and direct one: Be your best. Don’t settle for less, for there’s no honor and no reward in aiming lower than you are capable of achieving. Once achieved, excellence has a way of permeating every aspect of what you do.

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit.

Asked which of his works he would select as his masterpiece, architect FRANK LLOYD WRIGHT at the age of 83 replied, “My next one.”

What will be you next masterpiece? KÅ«lia i ka nu‘u, strive for the summit, and be your best.