Worthy Weekend Online Reading

For those of you getting reacquainted with the always-energetic Tom Peters:

He was mentioned in our Ho‘ohana this month (Talking Story on Management), and you can get more of his straight-shooting pronouncements reading his manifesto available on ChangeThis.com. Good stuff.

You know it’s just gotta be good, when number 1 of his 60 things he believes, includes this explanation of his brand: “I do not think business a dry, dreary, by-the-numbers affair. I think business (at its best) is about adventures and quests and growth and gold medals and booby prizes and emotion and service and care and character.” Let all business be at its best!

Click here for his full manifesto, called “This I Believe!”

Grab a cup of coffee and spend some time with it (all 69 pages long). Open a blank Word document in a separate window so you can scribble your own ideas—and what you will do—when you’re done reading it, for you will be filled with energy and a new resolve. You’ll see.

Aside from his brilliantly right-on beliefs: This part of his About the Author bio made me smile, “Tom describes himself as a prince of disorder, champion of bold failures, maestro of zest, professional loudmouth (as a speaker he’s a “spitter” according to the cartoon strip Dilbert), corporate cheerleader, lover of markets, capitalist pig ” and a card-carrying member of the ACLU.”

If you were completely bold and honest, how would you describe yourself and your passion? What is your personal brand, and how brave and authentic are you about stating it? Here’s an idea: add it to the flip side of that new business card you’re ordering ”