Working on Mission

I spent lots of come-to-Jesus time with my mission statement today, and I feel great. There’s no better feeling than working within your passion and finding strong alignment between what you believe in and what you do.

I’ve just started coaching some new clients, and starting with newbies gives me this incredible gift of affirmation … very cool. Every time I work with someone new, we start with mission so that we are sure to “begin with the end in mind” – thank you Stephen Covey for teaching me that so well. In starting this way with those I coach, we get a sort of new language of intent between us. In the process, I’m inevitably drawn back to my own mission statement, so I can read it, revise it if I need to, or reword it so it sounds like today and not yesterday.

I normally think of myself as a more visual person, but with mission there’s a definite music, rhythm and sound to it, a kind of energy you can move to.

What does your mission sound like?