More on your Relationship ROI

In this month’s Ho‘ohana, I’d encouraged you to give some good thought to how you consciously cultivate good relationships. I suggested you kick-start those thoughts with a quick read of Soar with Your Strengths.

Here’s another book recommendation for you fast readers stepping up to the advanced class:
Tim Sanders’ Love is the Killer App, How to win business and influence friends.

It’s out in softcover now, but if you can still find one in hardcover grab it – trust me, you’ll want to take notes in it and keep it forever. This is Sanders’ definition of Love in Business:

The act of intelligently and sensibly sharing your intangibles with your bizpartners.

He considers our intangibles to be our knowledge, our network, and our compassion. By the time you’ve breezed through his easy-to-read-and-devour book you’ll be unequivocally convinced he’s a genius and you need to up your game. The relationship connection I want to share with you is this part of his knowledge discussion:

Without a network, knowledge is nearly useless. Knowledge is your power source, or your battery, but relationship is your nerve center, your processor. Knowledge-value becomes real for you when you share it with your network. (not a direct quote, my notes in his book’s margins)

This month, I’ve continued to relish meeting new acquaintances and I’ve been amazed at how unselfish people are with sharing their professional networks. I’ve tried to reciprocate as much as I can, and Sanders is right – it’s a part of your personal value currency.

When you freely invest in professional and personal relationships by sharing what you know (knowledge) and who you know (network), you add to your personal brand, your distinctive signature, and people remember you as personable, unselfish, compassionate, and thus, valuable. By giving stuff away you actually add to your own worth in the receiver’s view.

How’s that for a return on your investment?

I’m going to take my own advice, pull out my own copy and read it again.


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