Maui Writers Conference, Day 1

Started with lost luggage ” Rosa gets practice on keeping her cool as she walks into an expert panel session late and everyone glares at her. Maui no ka oi (Maui is the best) ” uh, okay.

My first impression of the conference was a question: Where is the youth? (meaning anyone my age or younger than me). If you read any writer’s magazines at all, the most prevalent advice you get is to “write what you know” and I couldn’t help thinking that everyone in the room had taken that advice way too literally, deciding to live several decades of their lives before they tried putting pen to paper. Coming, to a Border’s near you ”a lot of musings on retirement.

The really interesting part of my day was searching for an internet cafe to get online to my assorted lifelines: now these are places to really meet some interesting characters.

Stay tuned.