Let’s post those Hawaii opportunities!

One more recommendation for you: I’m having a Sunday reading bonanza, my third cup of instant mocha cappuccino in hand. This is another weblog I’ve been checking in with for a while now, and I really enjoy it. It’s called Lip-Sticking, Smart Marketing to Women Online.

This morning the post is on a Women’s Leadership Conference held this past week, that had me salivating – not for more cappuccino, for more conference-connected learning opportunities. I frustrate myself online at times, for I read about these wonderful learning and networking opportunities that are thousands of miles away, knowing they’ll probably be out of reach for me. And the electronic communications we have these days can only go so far: you need the up close and personal stuff.

So my Hawaii readers, we need to get better at sharing our local opportunities. We have just as much talent in our own backyards. I know it, you know it. Let me know when you hear about great happenings in the islands and I’ll post them. Meanwhile, my thanks and aloha to the authors of Lip-Sticking and the other business bloggers out there, please know you are appreciated.

Kama’aina, while you’re sharing … what other Hawaii-written weblogs have you visited?