Another score for great coaching.

Bobby Cox, manager of the Atlanta Braves baseball team, won his 2,000th game last night.

This morning, in her post for Anita Sharpe wrote her take on what business can learn from him and his achievement.

I just wish the post had a more inspirational picture of Coach Cox than his lighting up … bad for his health. I liked this Star Bulletin picture of Coach Shoji much better, surrounded by Aloha.

Coachshoji You can click on it to get a bigger photo…got too fuzzy when I tried to enlarge it for you.

However I do heartily agree with the 3 lessons that Sharpe offers, especially number 2, “look for ways to make that talent shine.” That’s where the rewards come to a coach or manager, whatever game or business they may be in.

Scott Hodge on Leadership.

In September’s Ho‘ohana Learning Links I introduced you to Scott Hodge and his .:WeEbLeLaNd:. Weblog. Well today he posted a gem, and if you are a manager you have to read it.

Take this link for Scott’s post on Why leadership is important to me.

Posting it means his written words must be made good on: it’s a promise he is bound to keep. When you write something like this it is a commitment to self-transformation. It is a commitment to honesty, integrity, and excellence.

When you give voice to words like Scott’s, they can no longer lie dormant within you. You’ve given yourself a call to action, and there’s no backing down. It takes passion, bravery, and unwavering belief. It takes brutal honesty with yourself as to who you are, and who you need to become.

Even better, is that Scott personally shared such a heartfelt and honest message with his staff. When did you last share a message like this with all the people you lead and manage? Do they know why you are committed to leadership, and why it’s important to you?

It may be the most important message you will ever give them.

Talking Story under blog re-construction, please bear with us!

Okay, this was fun! Took this test at About Web Logs. (you can too, blog or no blog, answer as to what you would do if you had one.)

Here are my results, even though I honestly answered the most predominant color in my blog has been blue and green, and that my favorite color is yellow … You know me, what do you think?

What’s the Color of Your Blog Personality? Quiz at About Web logs and…

My Blog Personality’s True Color Is…

It’s all about passion, heat, and intensity.
I take pride in my strengths and I learn to deal with my weaknesses. I like to blog about things that really matter to me.

This was intended to be a fun thing I know, but it was pretty reaffirming for me. As you will soon see, I’ve been working with my webmaster on the SLC site on a color transformation for this Talking Story Weblog so it’s not such a jarring change when you click over. On the main colors are in the red family. Take a look if you’ve never been there.

Stay tuned for the change on October 1st.

Until then, mahalo plenty for your patience with me.

Flour and Flair. and Aloha.

“Flour and Flair” was one of those feel-good stories of Aloha in our Sunday West Hawaii Today.
Da Cake Lady: you need to subscribe to read the full article, but subscription is fast and free. Some excerpts:

Kailua-Kona resident Stephanie Charlton began her cake ministry six years ago after being impressed by the service she received at the Kona Post Office.

“I vowed in my mind to bring them a huge delicious cake as a token mahalo,” she said. “Well, that one gesture on that one occasion launched my cake ministry, which now serves Kona and beyond.”

Charlton delivers cakes to about 30 organizations, as well as 30-40 individuals, and she mails cakes to the mainland. The fire department, police department, post office, First Hawaiian Bank and car dealerships are just a few of the organizations who have the opportunity to taste her confectionery treats.

Many times people get upset or frustrated because Charlton won’t let them pay her, she said.

“I feel like I’m doing what I’m supposed to be doing with my time. I’m happiest when I can contribute something to the life of another person,” she said. “Just to walk in a room and see their faces light up when they see the cake is worth it.”

About every other week Charlton goes to Costco to stock up on supplies. Although she said she doesn’t know exactly how much she spends, she would estimate about $300 or $400 a month. “But it’s not about money,” she said. “It’s about serving and uplifting people.”

“I’m happy to be doing it, I’m happy to be in Hawaii and I’m happy with this time of my life,” she said. “Whether it turns commercial or remains a ministry, as long as I’m able to make cakes, I will.”

I hope this will inspire you to reap this kind of wonderful, heartfelt recognition and appreciation from your own customers. Wouldn’t you love to be a Kona business that can say, “Oh yes, we’ve been visited by Da Cake Lady.”

If you do subscribe to West Hawaii Today to read the full article, take this link for the write up on my son Zach’s Saturday football game too. Between Zach and the UH volleyball games I was truly in sports mode this weekend.

But now I’m thinking about the last time I baked a cake … it’s time for me to be the customer that says thank you too.