Watch for the Energizer Bunny!

This was one of those news stories that I cheered for: Energizer to launch $68 million Bunny campaign
Click here for the full story: it’s a short one.

In part, it says: “We took a step back and challenged ourselves to think differently about the brand – without any preconceptions, without any assumptions,” said Jeff Ziminski, vice president of U.S. marketing, in a statement. “Energizer has always stood for longevity, endurance and the absolute refusal to quit. It began as a product performance benefit (longevity), but has grown into so much more.”

Step back and reenergize your own brand: can you tell me, in just one or two sentences what your brand stands for?
Better yet, turn it into a mantra for your employees to rally behind.

In contrast, this brand story was printed on the same day, in a different newspaper: Morris the cat coming back as 9Lives mascot

Seems weird to me that you launch an advertising campaign this way: “Del Monte said it decided to bring back Morris to mark a complete reformulation of the 9Lives products. The company said Morris would be the centerpiece of a “broad-based marketing campaign” but did not provide additional details.” Why not provide additional details if you’re marketing something to me ???

Click here for Morris’ story. He obviously will need more help.

“” reformulation of the 9Lives products” versus “Energizer has always stood for ”” Hmm.

I’m betting on the Bunny.